What We Do

While responsible Federal and State Government strive to meet the funding needs for sustainable, long term growth, including infrastructure development that can lead to improved quality of life for their citizens, funding these projects may prove challenging.  They key question that remains usually evolve around how these initiatives can be funded.

Projected annual tax revenues and income from other sources can fall short and budget deficits can impact the Government’s ability to support infrastructure, social and economic growth.

Raising taxes is a possible option but it affects businesses and the population adversely.

Often, revenue generating or urgently required projects that require billions of dollars to implement are delayed or shelved year after year and the country and its citizens suffer due to delays in implementing such projects. This in turn affects the country’s GDP Growth.

How We Can Help


We welcome Governments and States to have a dialog with us to explore the various possibilities on how we can work together to enhance their country’s GDP growth as well as secure their people’s well-being.

When the need arises and securing growth capital can help to accelerate a country’s fiscal balances and improve its fundamentals significantly, GDP Capital will be pleased to work with you to secure the required funds.

We can arrange short term or long term funds ranging from US$250 mil. to US$5 bil. for up to 10 years. Following a detailed discussion, a mandate will be required for us to work on fulfilling the objectives.